Serenity Key

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Serenity Key is a tropical island region centered around a long dormant volcano. Each of the three islands has two cities on it, so boats will be vital to trading with your neighbors. The city sites were made flat and easy for players to experiment with MegaTowers, OmegaCo, and The Academy.


1. Oma'oma'o - In the shadow of the eponymous Mauna Oma'oma'o. This site has a generous sampling of coal, raw ore and crude oil. Mayors will find the resources in this site ideal for a new extraction business.

2. Nui Lani - The natural beauty of this site, with its white sand beaches is a haven for green cities. Though this site lacks raw resources, its tropical beauty provides a gorgeous backdrop for an educated city.

3. North Wakea - The natural resources of this site provides everything a mining or drilling business needs to ramp up production. The thick grove of trees here helps to clean air pollution for the region.

4. South Wakea - A former fishing village, this site has convenient access to calm waters between the islands. This peaceful site is great for a culture city or industrious mayors can exploit this site's natural resources.

5. Namaka Beach - Once a sprawling playground for the wealthier islanders, this site has an ample supply of both raw ore and coal ready to be extracted from deep within this site's plateau.

6. Paniolo Pointe - Previously home to a large ranch, what this site lacks in natural resources, it makes up in natural beauty. Casino destinations or green Academy cities will find a beautiful home here.

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