Titan Gorge

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Titan Gorge

Titan Gorge is a large region with 16 cities divided into 4 clusters. A massive gorge runs down the middle of the valley, ending at Reposado River.

  • It has 16 cities and 4 Great Work sites.
  • Although it has 16 cities and 4 great works sites, they exist in clusters of 4 cities and a single great works site. Only pollution and City Hall/Specialization HQ unlocks are shared outside of clusters.


1. Mesquite - Reposado River curves around this site, occupying a significant chunk of the area. Oil deposits somehow resist the flow of the river. It also has moderate coal deposits.

2. Cedargates - an old shipping rail runs through this site and can be used to ship the crude oil, coal and ore extracted from underground deposits in this site.

3. Pinewood Hills - gently rolling hills cover this wide plain. An underground river of oil provides a choice location for a drilling operation. The bountiful ore deposit can be extracted and traded on the Global Market. An inlet of the Reposado River connects this site to the river.

4. Hickory Ridge - scenic views from this hillside gap entice the wealthy to develop on this site, but the roadwork necessary to build here present a challenge. Gambling and Culture specialized cities are viable at this location. Hickory Ridge has magnificent deposits of ore and coal but lacks mass transit options.

5. Prospect - this ore claim has mostly run dry, but there are still considerable coal and ore deposits waiting to be mined. Heavy winds provide a convenient source of power. A mining city couldn't be a bad idea.

6. Nugget Plateau - with massive coal and raw ore deposits, Nugget Plateau is the perfect location for a glorious mining city. The vast plains of this site allow for plenty of expansion. Strong breezes and warm weather make this an ideal retirement community.

7. Claim Overlook - beautiful, steep views of Titan Gorge make for a scenic community. The petrified forest in this site surrounds plentiful coal and raw ore deposits. A Metals city is viable at this location.

8. Placer Vista - the location provides breathtaking views of the gorge, the former site of a placer mine. Sizable coal and ore deposits serves as the foundation for a mining metropolis

9. Conestoga Crossing - this site is rich in water with a smattering of coal, crude oil and raw ore deposits. The Reposado River snakes through this site, supporting Global Market trading.

10. Settler's Rest - banks of the Reposado River wind through a corner of this site, providing a spot for distributing the coal, crude oil or raw ore from the its underground deposits. A Trade Port can be built to ship the goods to the Global Market.

11. Frontier Fields - this site has deep deposits of crude oil waiting to be pumped dry. A railroad provides convenient shipping for industrial cities. A drilling city is perfect for this location.

12. Pioneer Plains - a generous crude oil reservoir has long lured would-be oil barons to this grassy site. Expansive plains provide plenty of room to build a sprawling city. Pioneer Plains is another location perfect for a petroleum based economy.

13. Wrangler's Rest - abundant coal and raw ore make this an ideal location for a mining business. Winds flowing across this plain provide plenty fuel for wind power.

14. Painted Point - a beautiful view of Titan Gorge and underground mineral deposits make this a popular place to live and work.

15. Palomino - this windswept plateau was home to a horse ranch that would ship horses on the railroad that runs through the site. Generous amounts of raw ore and coal are scattered through this site. Mining city is viable at this location.

16. Mustang Run - the windy expanses of this site hide ample deposits of coal. The railroad running along this site provides a connection to the Global Market.

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