Reflection Atoll

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Reflection Atoll

Reflection Atoll is a tropical island region ready to tourists and adventurers alike.

  • It has 7 connected cities and one Great Work site.
  • All 7 cities have road, rail, and water access.


1. Soirée Sands - has white sands that tourists will flock to. High land values are good for developing Cultural, Gambling or Education city. Its shoreline can be used to transport tourists and workers alike.

2. Summit Vista - has a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. High land values create an ideal location for a Cultural, Gambling or Education city. Railways and shorelines provide locations for mass transit options.

3. Ingot Landing - is located at the base of Clipper Mountain. Ingot Landing is flush with raw ore. Rail tracks and a bay provide players specialized in Mining with methods to export their resources to the Global Market.

4. Grand Haven - is surrounded by the Ring River. Grand Haven is a nature wonderland with high land values. This is an ideal location for a wealthy Cultural, Gambling or Education city.

5. Trader's Ridge - is located around a bluff. Trader's Ridge has small coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits available. The flat low-lying areas and coastline are ideal locations for Trade Ports.

6. Petrol Bay - has a massive crude oil reservoir. Petrol Bay is the perfect location for a Petroleum city. Its coastline around a large bay facilitates crude oil sales to the Global Market.

7. Cinder - is located at the base of Mount Cinder. Cinder contains large underground coal deposits. In addition, rail connection and shoreline provide opportunities for players to sell their coal on the Global Market.

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