Rambling Badlands

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Rambling Badlands is a desert valley region created to provide opportunities for our competitive players. There are two clusters of seven cities in this region separated by a natural barrier. Each cluster has a great work that the other cluster can see. Race to complete the great work and show off to your neighbors.

  • Rambling Badlands has 14 cities and 2 Great Works sites.


1. Tarantula - Though this site has scant deposits of coal and raw ore, the shoreline at the edge of this site is useful for import/export businesses.

2. Hawk's View - Scenic clifftop views highlights this rocky site. Mayors will find the coal and crude oil deposits here useful for choosing a new specialization.

3. Iguana Flats - One of the new level sites in this region, Iguana Flats has lots of room to build, but no raw resources. Mayors may want to found an Academy or tourism city.

4. Cereus Ridge - The ridge atop this site has spectacular river views, but mayors eyeing the bottom line will be interested in the coal and raw ore in this site.

5. Saguaro River - Bridges will need to be built across the Saguaro River to take full advantage of this site. This site has a small amount of coal and crude oil, but the river makes shipping to the Global Market easy.

6. Prickly Pear Cliffs - Positioned at the base of Prickly Cliffs, this site is not connected to the river, but features a variety of natural resources for mayors who want to exploit their environment.

7. Barrel Bend - Despite the river running through this site, there's still a good amount of land to develop. Poor in natural resources, this site would do well as home to an Academy or even as a tourist destination.

8. Agave Banks - A wide variety of raw resources in this site provide any number of directions that a developing city can take while straddling the Saguaro River.

9. Aloe Plateau - Breathtaking views from atop this plateau may inspire mayors to build a scenic resort. However, the coal and raw ore here can fuel a budding mining city.

10. Yucca - Mayors will need to put on their engineering hat to build a bridge to cross the river here. On the other side of the river is a rich coal deposit with plenty coal to establish a mining business.

11. Sidewinder Mesa - Coal and raw ore in this site provide a solid foundation for a mining city or even an OmegaCo business. Scenic views from atop the butte provide mayors with an inspirational sight.

12. Rattlesnake Ridge - The ridge in this site provides several locations for mayor to discover coal, raw ore and crude oil. Mayors can use these resources to specialize in the extraction specialization of their choice.

13. Scorpion Shores - With a fortunate access to water shipping lanes, this site has coal reserves and a bit of crude oil - enough to start a shipping empire.

14. Coyote Cliffs - The dramatic cliffs in this site create an imposing division between the lower and upper portions of the site. Both coal and raw ore deposits throughout this site cater to an upstart mining operation.

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