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Desolation is a desert region recovering from a nuclear disaster. Most cities will take advantage of the natural desert canyon land beauty. Only an expert mayor should take on the challenge at the bottom of the crater in the Fallout Epicenter city site. New buildings from Cities of Tomorrow should help with this challenge.

  • Desolation has 7 connected cities and 1 Great Work site.
  • All 7 cities have road and rail access. 3 of the cities also have water access.


1. Whitesand Springs - Underground aquifers provide reserves of water unrivaled in this dusty region. Mayors who found a city here can supply water to the entire region.

2. Amchitka Mesa - Rich in all natural resources, this site provides everything an OmegaCo or mining city could want, including open spaces for building a town full of workers.

3. Fallout Epicenter - This irradiated crater is the site of a nuclear disaster. An Academy in the region can research the Ground Scrubber, to remove radiation from this site, providing access to resources in this crater.

4. Vastrap Ridge - This dry site is dominated by Vastrap Ridge itself. Tunnel through the ridge to reach deep deposits of natural resources.

5. Arroyo Alamogordo - Lacking natural resources, this site borders the river Rio Blanco, providing a shoreline for cargo ships or Wave Power Plants.

6. Semipalatinsk Steppes - At the base of the Semipalatinsk Steppes, technology from the Academy could revitalize this dusty land.

7. Rio Blanco - Overlooking the canyon river, this site teems with raw ore and crude oil, making it ripe for OmegaCo or a mining operation.

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