Edgewater Bay

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Edgewater Bay Map

Edgewater Bay is a region that surrounds a cerulean sea.

  • It has 7 connected cities surrounding a Great Work site.
  • All 7 cities have road, rail, and water access.


1. McKenzie Point - positioned along the water, McKenzie Point is an ideal location for a trade hub. It also has a small coal deposit for fuel a Coal Power Plant.

2. Gardner Valley - with a beautiful seaside view, Gardner Valley is perfect for casinos, amusement parks or high wealth residential buildings.

3. Burton Basin - has a moderate amount of oil along with small deposits of coal and ore.

4. Mason Hill - the hill is located on top of a large ore deposit. Mason Hill also has strong wind and moderate coal deposit.

5. Callahan Canyon - located on a forested site, Callahan Canyon has a large coal deposit. It also has moderate amount of ore and small reservoir of oil.

6. Graysmith Ridge - has a beautiful view and ideal resources for a Metal city. Graysmith Ridge has massive deposits of coal and ore.

7. Fort Ferguson - has large deposits of crude oil and coal. Part of Fort Ferguson is on a bluff.

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