Verdant Jungle

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Verdant Jungle is a jungle meets the sea region. A cluster of four cities in the mountains looks down on another cluster of four cities along the coastline. The city sites in this region provide more of a challenge for city builders looking to clear back the jungle.


1. Osprey - This flat site has moderate amounts of coal, raw ore and crude oil, giving mayors flexibility in developing their cities.

2. Mount Macaw - Set at the base of Mount Macaw, this site is rich in coal and raw ore, enticing mayors to extract raw resources for a mining business.

3. Toucan Valley - Deep in the heart of this jungle valley, this site is ideally positioned to bring advanced University or Academy research to the entire region.

4. Kingfisher Cliffs - A dramatic crescent-shaped ridge in this site is a minor obstacle for tenacious mayors. Abundant raw resources provide everything necessary for an OmegaCo, mining or drilling city.

5. Tapir Valley - Nestled at the base of verdant cliffs, this site has ample coal and raw ore resources. Mayors could reap a fortune by building a mining city here.

6. Anaconda Bay - This site lies alongside a short river running into the jungle. A sampling of crude oil and raw ore await mayors willing to venture into the wilds of this site.

7. Jaguar Ridge - Jaguar Ridge offers beautiful shoreline and a dramatic range of cliffs dividing this site between two elevations. This resource-rich site rewards mayors willing to climb or drill through cliffs.

8. Tamarin Island - This island is resource poor, but surrounded by coastline would make a great trading or tourism city. Mayors can enrich the region's residents with an Academy city here.

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