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Granite Lake Map
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Granite Lake was a region added in update 6.0. Granite Lake is inspired by the state of Colorado. It is designed to prominently feature both splendid mountains surrounding a beautiful lake.

  • It has 10 cities with 2 Great Works sites.
  • The cities are divided into two groups of 5, with one Great Work site for each. All of the cities have road and rail access, but neither the roads or rails of one group connect with the other group. 2 cities of each group have water access.


1.Boone - is a tiered site with a variety of natural resources, blanketed in a lush forest. Mayors have their choice of resources to start off a new venture.

2.Crockett Bend - challenges mayors with needing to shape their city around the plateau at the center of the site, but mayors accepting this challenge are rewarded with a healthy variety of natural resources to extract.

3.Clark Landing - deposits of coal and raw ore fill most of this site, making deals with neighboring cities important. The shore at the base of the cliff in this site connects to Halfmoon Banks on the other side of the lake.

4.Lewis Landing - ample amounts of both coal and raw ore throughout this site provides an excellent site for an extraction city. High winds cascading through the mountains provides fuel for wind power turbines.

5.Carson Shores - this site slopes down to the shores of Granite Lake, connecting to Rockyway Ridge across the lake. Coal and crude oil deposits provide resources for a new city.

6.Thunder Ridge - nestled between towering mountains, upper Thunder Ridge features a small coal deposit. Spread across the valley floor is an impressive deposit of raw ore, ready for an extensive mining operation.

7.Starlight Fields - wide open plains provide plenty of room for city expansion. Mayors will find deposits of both coal and crude oil to start a new extraction business.

8.Halfmoon Banks - the deep blow in this site is an abundant crude oil reservoir. This site's shoreline provides a convenient connection to Clark Landing on the other side of the lake.

9.Rockyway Ridge - crude oil reservoirs on either side of Rocky Ridge entices mayors to bore tunnels through the ridge to reach all the crude oil. The banks of Granite Lake provides a connection to Carson Shores across the lake.

10.Skyreach Pass - tucked between the imposing peaks of Skyreach Pass provides a mountainous home for a metals city with both coal and raw ore deposits.

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