Whitewater Valley

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Whitewater Valley

Whitewater Valley is a region located in the valley of 2 massive mountain ranges.

Cities hug the two converging rivers and a rail network runs along the base of the mountains.

  • It has 5 connected cities and one Great Work site.
  • All 5 cities have road, rail, and water access with each other.


1. Brakeman's Folly - is a hilltop site with a rail tunnel running underneath it. Brakeman's Folly has an overabundance of ore and coal deposits, making it a desirable location for a Mining city.

2. Whitewater Crossing - located at the confluence of the two rivers, Whitewater Crossing has large amount ore and coal deposits ready to be extracted and shipped along the river. A city specialized in mining would be perfect for this location.

3. Twain - although it lacks natural resources, Twain's connection to the regional rail line is ideal for shipping goods to the Global Market via both the rail and the river. A city specialized in trading would take advantage of the conveniences.

4. Riverbend - Located at southernmost tributary of the Cascadia River, Riverbend presents the challenge of developing a city that crosses both banks. The site contains a massive ore deposit along with large reservoir of both coal and oil. Both Petroleum and Mining cities are perfect for this location.

5. Elm Grove - located in a dense forest, Elm Grove is rich in both oil and coal. The fresh mountain air is attractive to tourists and other visitors. Cities specialized in either mining, drilling, or a combination of both would be desirable at this site.

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