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Region Creation
Region View

Region is where multi-city play occurs. Up to 16 cities can exist in a region. These cities can be controlled by an individual player or multiple players.

Cities in a region interact with one another.

  • One city can negatively affect another by spreading its pollution or criminals.
  • It can also positively affect another by sharing its resources and services.

Players can create Private or Public regions.

  • Public region allows anyone to join your region and claim a city. Private region allows only the players you've invited to join your region.

Types of Regions

SimCity released with 8 regions. The regions range from 2 to 16 cities large. Additional Cities were added in later patches.

2 City Regions

Sunrunner Bay

3 City Regions

Cape Trinity

5 City Regions

Whitewater Valley

6 City Regions

Serenity Key

7 City Regions

Reflection Atoll, Edgewater Bay, Desolation

8 City Regions

Verdant Jungle

10 City Regions

Granite Lake

11 City Regions

Horizon Archipelago

14 City Regions

Rambling Badlands

16 City Regions

Viridian Woods, Titan Gorge, Discovery Delta

Recent Patches

Edgewater Bay was added in update 4.0.

Granite Lake was added in update 6.0.

Serenity Key, Desolation, Verdant Jungle and Rambling Badlands were added in patch 8.0.

Sunrunner BayCape TrinityWhitewater ValleySerenity KeyReflection AtollEdgewater BayDesolationVerdant JungleGranite LakeHorizon ArchipelagoRambling BadlandsViridian WoodsTitan GorgeDiscovery Delta