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Multiplayer is a crucial component of SimCity.

Players can team up with one another in regional play.

Players can not only trade resources with the SimCity community on the Global Market but also compete against them to top the Leaderboards.


Region Creation
Main article: Region

Region is where multi-city play occurs.

Up to 16 cities can exist in a region. These cities can be controlled by an individual player or multiple players.

Cities in a region interact with one another.

  • One city can negatively affect another by spreading its pollution or criminals.
  • It can also positively affect another by sharing its resources and services.

Players can cooperate with one another to unlock advance technologies, tackle Challenges and construct Great Works.

Regions can be private or public.

  • In private region, only the player and his or her friends can join, while in public region, anyone can join.

Simcity will launch with 10 distinct regions.

Global Market

Global Market
Main article: Global Market

Global Market allows players to buy and sell the 10 commodities in the game.

  • The 10 commodities include raw resources such as oil and refined goods such as TV.

The prices of goods on the Global Market are determined by supply and demand of the Simcity community.

  • Price floors and ceilings, determined by Maxis, are placed on all the commodities.

Trade Depot is required to trade on the Global Market.


Main article: Leaderboards

From the Leaderboards, the player can see his or her rankings in the 10 stats and 5 big businesses.

Players can compare their stats with the other players in region, their friends or the entire Simcity community.


Main article: Challenges

Challenges are special goals and objectives issued to the players automatically.

  • They can be completed for rewards and Achievements.

All players in a region are entered into regional challenges.

Players can also participate in global challenges that test them against the entire SimCity community.