Horizon Archipelago

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Horizon Archipelago

Horizon Archipelago is a region of a chain of islands with cities on each of its three major islands.

The islands all have spectacular ocean views that make them natural choices for wealthy tourist resorts.

  • It has 11 cities and 3 Great Work sites.
  • It has one cluster of 3 cities and 2 clusters of 4 cities.


1. Souchong Summit - is located at high altitudes. Souchong Summit contains large amount of coal deposits scattered throughout. Rail running up the mountain connects the city to the rest of the region.

2. Lapsang Landing - has good amount of ore and coal deposits. A nearby train trestle runs trains through this site to connect it to the rest of the region. A Metals city would be perfect for this location.

3. Ceylon Steppes - contains raw ore and coal deposits throughout and a large reservoir of crude oil undergone. The rail runs from Ceylon Steppes to the Great Work site. A city specialized in either Mining or Petroleum would be desirable at this location.

4. Oolong Peak - locates on top of a high peak. while it lacks beachfront properties Oolong Peak has amazing clifftop views. A major coal deposit in the center of the peak can be used to create Mining specialized cities.

5. Toyokuni Strand - the shoreline that sweeps around the edge of this site increases the land value of the city. Massive crude oil and raw ore deposits allow the player to specialize into Mining, Drilling or Culture cities.

6. Hokusai Cliffs - has two tiers to build upon. Hokusai Cliffs has decent amounts of all the natural resources. Rail runs from the city to the base of the cliff and connects city to the Global Market.

7. Hiroshige Overlook - is a mountain top city with a large deposit of coal. Hiroshige Overlook has a breathtaking view of the entire region ideal for tourism. Coal can be exported to generate revenue for a Gambling or Culture city.

8. Nautilus Plateau - is a towering city with panoramic view of the archipelago. Rose Bridge helps the player to ship all the coal and raw ore extracted from massive underground deposits. A city specialized in mining is perfect for this location.

9. Triton Valley - is a three tiers of city with coal and ore throughout. Rail connects to Triton Valley to Nautilus Plateau. A mining city is viable at this location.

10. Cowrie Cove - Large coal deposits in Cowrie Cove provide a foundation for a beachside mining town. The beach running along the cove is ideal for a city specialized in Gambling or Culture.

11. Conch Beach - is a beach city that is ideal for the development of tourism. Crude oil, coal and raw ore deposits in Conch Beach can be used for the foundation of a Gambling or Culture city.

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