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Grade School
High School
Community College

Education reduces crime, ground pollution, fire risk, waste and sickness. Educated Sims are more likely to recycle and consume less water and power. Although schools generate no revenue, they increase the happiness and education levels of your residence. Educated Sims increase the tech levels of your industrial buildings.

  • Your Sims will go to the school closest to their residences. There is no need to build every educational structure.

Cities can specialize in Education and attract students from other cities in the region.

Completion of University research projects unlocks high tech modules for many ploppables.

Education Structures

Grade School

Main article: Grade School

Grade school is the most basic educational structure. It not only increases your city's educational level by educating young Sims but also reduces the overall crime rate by keeping them off the street. Additionally, grade school increases the medium wealth land value of nearby residential zones.

School Bus Stop

Main article: School Bus Stop

School bus picks up grade school and high school students who live far away from their perspective campuses. As school bus stops are plopped down nearby areas will turn green, indicating school bus coverage. Happiness of residences along these roads will also increase.

  • There is no need to plop school bus stops in commercial or industrial areas as there are no students living there.

High School

Main article: High School

High school functions similar to grade school, albeit larger and more expensive. Sims attending high school will consume less water and power and recycle more. Additionally, the high school module Gymnasium acts as a tourist attraction.

  • Your high school also accepts Sims from nearby cities in your region. Your school buses will visit their cities as long as they have school bus stops.

Community College

Main article: Community College

Community college is the catalyst for the emergence of level 2 and level 3 tech buildings in the industrial zone. Level 2 and 3 tech buildings not only generate more tax revenue but also produce far less air pollution. Sims will walk, drive or use mass transit to reach the community college. Sims from nearby cities in the region will also attend your community college.

  • Community college is important for the emergence of level 2 tech industrial buildings. It grants access to level 3 tech buildings, even without a University, but less efficiently.


Main article: University

University produces Sims with highest level of education. It is vital for the creation of level 3 tech buildings in the industrial zone. Continuous enrollment is needed to keep the high tech industries. University can be upgraded based on the number of Sims it has educated. With each upgrade, a new school module of choice can be constructed. These schools offer passive benefits and can initiate various research projects. Completion of research projects unlock high tech modules for various ploppables.

  • Research project finish faster when you have more Sims enrolled.
  • Dormitory can be constructed so students can live on campus. It helps to reduce residential needs and traffic congestion.

Public Library

Main article: Public Library

Public library increases the education level of all of your Sims slightly. It also increases the happiness of nearby residences.

Unlike other educational structures, public library accepts Sims of all ages.

Education Maps

Education - shows the education levels of residential and industrial zones and the location of students.

Public Library
Grade School School Bus LotClassroomsTop Floor Classrooms
High School School Bus LotClassroomsGymnasium
Community College Extension Wing
University School of BusinessSchool of EngineeringSchool of Law
School of MedicineSchool of SciencePedestrian PathDormitory