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Sims can get sick. Sickness leads to injuries and injuries lead to deaths. Injured Sims will die unless they are rescued by ambulances. Sick Sims are unhappy, they will stay home from work and can get evicted from their places of residence. Clinic can be constructed to treat sick and injured Sims in a small city. A Hospital is needed to keep a city with large population healthy.

Health Structures


Main article: Clinic

Clinic provides rudimentary healthcare for your city. It should be expanded with additional Ambulance Bays and Patient Rooms as your city's population increases.


Main article: Hospital

Hospital is a large healthcare facility that is able to significantly improve the health, recovery time and survivability of your Sims. It can also be used to provide healthcare for your neighboring cities.

Health Vehicles

Ambulance - brings injured Sims to clinic or hospital.

  • can earns Simoleons for treating injured Sims in neighboring cities.

Wellness Van - lowers the chance of Sims getting sick.

Health Maps

Health - shows the condition of Sims' health, how many Sims are in clinic, the germ levels of city and past sickness events.

Germ - shows where sickness is located.


Clinic Ambulance BayPatient Rooms
Hospital Ambulance BayPatient RoomsEmergency CenterWellness Center
Diagnostic LabSurgical CenterMediDrone Hangar