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The population of your city is divided into 3 levels of wealth: low wealth (§), medium wealth (§§) and high wealth (§§§). All residential (R) and commercial (C) buildings are divided into the same 3 levels of wealth. Your Sims will live, work and shop in buildings that correspond to their levels of wealth.

  • For example high wealth Sims will only live in high wealth residential buildings and shop in high wealth commercial buildings.

High wealth shops and housing are attracted to areas of high land values. Different cities have different natural land values. Beach-side properties and high cliff views tend to have higher land values. Players can also increase the land value of an area by placing parks, Mayor's House and Mayor's Mansion next to it. Proximity to service buildings such as the Fire Stations, Police Stations, Clinics and schools also increase land value.

Note: Wealth and Density are completely different things and are not effected by one another, you can have Low Wealth/High Density apartment buildings and High wealth/Low Density mansions.

  • Wealth is decided by land value while density is driven by happiness.
  • Industrial buildings have tech levels driven by education instead of wealth.

Low Wealth (§)

Low wealth buildings have a significant small and slightly gloomy feeling to it, and the advertising billboards in the commercial buildings tend to say things like "low cost services" or "cheap apartments" for residential buildings.

Medium Wealth (§)

Medium value buildings tend to be in the middle, a mix of high and low wealth. This is normally the average wealth class, with normal looking buildings that, as long as you are not poor or rich, resemble most real life buildings.

High Wealth (§)

High Wealth buildings just can be stunning to look at. They are sleeker and very modern looking. Low density residential buildings will often be mansions and high density buildings will be huge and modern.

Data Maps

Land Value Map

Land value map shows where high, medium and low wealth residential and commercial buildings are likely to develop as well as buildings that positively and negatively impact land values.