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Power is needed for a city to function. Houses without power will become abandoned. Commercial and Industrial buildings without power will remain closed. Most ploppables require power to function. Various power plants can be constructed to generate power. Power can also be brought from neighboring cities.

Power Plants

Wind Power Plant

Main article: Wind Power Plant

Wind power plants are cheap and clean but they generate very little power.

  • They are ideal for early game or small towns.

Wind power plants generate more power at higher wind speed. Cities at higher altitude have greater wind speed.

Coal Power Plant

Main article: Coal Power Plant

Coal power plants can generate a decent amount of power at a reasonable price. A single coal power plant can power a large city. A continuous stream of coal is needed for a coal power plant to remain operational. Coal can be mined from the ground or purchased from your neighboring cities or the Global Market.

  • They are perfect for a Mining specialized cities.

Coal power plants generate a large amount of air pollution. Air pollution lowers the land value of nearby area.

Oil Power Plant

Main article: Oil Power Plant

Oil power plants function similar to coal power plants. They generate more power and cost more to build and upkeep than coal power plants.

Oil power plant will generate air pollution, although they produce less pollution than coal power plants.

  • They will lower the land value of surrounding areas.

Oil power plant needs to continously burn oil in order to remain operational.

  • Oil can be drilled from ground or purchased from your neighboring city or the Global Market.

Solar Power Plant

Main article: Solar Power Plant

The solar power plant provides clean and cheap energy for a smaller city. The buildings have relatively high costs to build, but low upkeep costs. Construction of additional solar panels require a lot of space.

  • Note that the generation of power is based on peak hours and no power will be generated during the night. The city runs on battery power at night.

Nuclear Power Plant

Main article: Nuclear Power Plant

Although expensive, nuclear power plant is able to generate a massive amount of clean energy for your city and region. To operate a nuclear power plant safely, an educated workforce is needed. Your city should have institutions of high learning such as Community College and University in place. Otherwise you run the risks of radiation leakage and meltdown. Additionally, a nuclear power plant requires water, lots of it. A Water Pumping Station should be in place.

  • Please note that there are radiation pollution and meltdown risks, but only when operated by uneducated Sims.

Fusion Power Plant

Main article: Fusion Power Plant

The Fusion Power Plant is a futuristic power plant that can supply "clean, massive amounts of electricity". Note that these require a massive amount of ControlNet and require a jump start ignition from an already existing power grid. This means that it is impossible to build an independent city with the first power plant as a fusion reactor unless you have a neighboring city with power up for sale.

Wave Power Plant

Main article: Wave Power Plant

Placed along the shoreline, this power plant generates small amounts of cheap, clean power.

Other Power Structures

Nissan LEAF® Charging Station

Nissan LEAF Charging Station

Power Maps

Electric - indicates which buildings are powered or unpowered.

Air pollution - indicates which areas of the city are most polluted and shows the buildings that generate the most pollution.

Radiation - indicates which areas of the city are most radiated and shows the buildings that generate the most radiation.

Wind Power Plant Service RoadSmall Horizontal TurbineLarge Horizontal TurbineVertical Turbine
Coal Power Plant Dirty Coal GeneratorAdvanced Coal GeneratorClean Coal Generator
Oil Power Plant Conventional Oil GeneratorCombustion Turbine GeneratorClean Oil Generator
Solar Power Plant Fixed Solar ArrayConcentrated Solar Array
Nuclear Power Plant Gen I Thermal ReactorGen II Thermal ReactorFast Neutron Reactor