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Happiness Map

Happiness is a measure of how satisfied your population is with their situation. This can be effected by proximity to some buildings, taxes, and the presence, or lack there of, services. Happiness is the driving force behind Density. A high happiness area induces a high demand for this area, which increases the Density.

Effects on happiness

Positive Negative
Proximity to: Police, Fire, Health, Educational buildings, Parks, Governmental buildings (regardless of popularity) Proximity to: Industrial buildings; Water, Sewage and Power stations; Recycling Centers or Garbage Dumps
Low Taxes High Taxes
Spending money at shops Lack of Services (like Police, Fire, etc.), lack of utilities and services in the city (No power, water, garbage collection etc.)
  • Having workers and places to ship freight increases industrial happiness
  • Having workers and lots of shoppers increases commercial happiness.
  • Lack of workers or places to ship freight will decrease industrial happiness and eventually cause them to go out of business.
  • Lack of workers or shoppers or freight will decrease commercial happiness and eventually cause them to go out of business.

Data Maps

Happiness Map

Happiness map shows the current happiness of all RCI buildings.