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Water Tower
Water Pumping Station
Water Data Layer - shows the flow of water from water towers to various areas of the city

Water is one of the necessities of life. Sims, businesses and industries need water to function. Without a continuous supply of water, Sims will leave and buildings will close down. Building a water tower or water pumping station on a ground water reserve will supply the city with water. Ground water can be polluted by sewage and other ground pollutants. Polluted water can cause Sims to become sick. Construct your water towers away from Sewage Outflow Pipe, Garbage Dump and industrial buildings.

  • Make sure to keep your water towers away from ground pollution.

Water table is replenished by rain or through the purification of sewage by the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Water Distribution Structures

Water Tower

Main article: Water Tower

Water tower are cheap and reliable structures that can be used to solve your city's water problems. In order for water towers to work, they must be built on top of ground water reserves. You can check the water table by opening the water map. Areas with darker blue colors have more water than areas with lighter blue colors. Be sure to plop your water towers away from ground pollution (brown areas in water map). Don't build water towers near garbage dumps or sewage outflow pipes.

  • Water towers are perfect for early game and small towns.

Hydro Pumping Station

Main article: Hydro Pumping Station

Water Pumping Station

Main article: Water Pumping Station

Water pumping station is an expensive structure used to supply a large city with water. A City Hall with Department of Utilities in the region is needed to unlock this building. One Basic Water Pump module generates over 10 times more water than a water tower. Players can also build Filtration Pump modules to eliminate ground pollution from your water supply.

Water Maps

Water data map.pngWater table - shows the water table map. It indicates the optimal locations to build water pump and water pumping station.

Ground Pollution - shows the locations and severity of ground pollution and the buildings producing the pollution.

Refill Water Table

There is only 3 way to refill the water table.

  • Rain season, which randomly occurs.
  • The Sewage Treatment Plant refill the ground with 100% of used water.
  • River or coastline will refill progressively.