Fusion Power Plant

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Fusion Power Plant
Fusion Power Plant
cost §155,000
upkeep 1,500 per hour

requirement Cities of Tomorrow DLC

The Academy in region

Completed Fusion Power Plant Research at The Academy

ControlNet usage: 1,450 ControlNet

function Power Production: 200 MW
extra No Air Pollution
description Generates massive amounts of clean power at a huge cost. The fusion reactor requires a jumpstart of power from an existing source to begin power generation.


Standard Fusion Reactor

Advanced Fusion Reactor


The Fusion Power Plant is a futuristic power plant that can supply "clean, massive amounts of electricity". Note that these require a massive amount of ControlNet and require a jump start ignition from an already existing power grid. This means that it is impossible to build an independent city with the first power plant as a fusion reactor unless you have a neighboring city with power up for sale.

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