Concentrated Solar Array

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Concentrated Solar Array
Concentrated Solar Array
cost §40,000
upkeep §320 per hour
ploppable Solar Power Plant
function Power output: 37.5 megawatts during peak hours
limit 16
extra • No air pollution

• No ground pollution

description These futuristic dishes are small, efficient, and expensive. They pack much more power than the basic panel and take up much less space!

The Concentrated Solar Array is the second of the two addon modules of the Solar Power Plant. It only generatates power during peak hours, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and during the night the plant will run on batteries.


  • Large amount of power production.
  • No air pollution.
  • No ground Pollution.
  • Fairly small.


  • Expensive placement.
  • More expensive cost per hour.

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