Clean Oil Generator

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Clean Oil Generator
Clean Oil Generator
cost §27,000
upkeep • §1,295 per hour

• 12k barrels of oil per day

ploppable Oil Power Plant
function Power output: 150 megawatts
limit 4
extra • Low air pollution (389,760 PPM)

• Low ground pollution (3,328 PPM)

description After crude oil is used in a combustion turbine generator, excess exhaust is used to convert water into steam.

The Combustion Turbine Generator is the third of the three addon modules of the Oil Power Plant. It uses oilfrom the Oil Power Plant's storage facility.


  • Low amounts of air pollution.
  • Low amounts of ground pollution.


  • Medium amount of oil intake.


  • Large size.
  • Expensive placement.
  • Most expensive cost per hour.

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