Nuclear Power Plant

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Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant
cost §145,000
upkeep §1,300 per hour
function Power output: 200 megawatts
module Fast Neutron Reactor, Gen I Thermal Reactor, Nuclear Power Plant Sign, Gen II Thermal Reactor
extra No pollution

Although expensive, nuclear power plant is able to generate a massive amount of clean power for your city and region. To operate a nuclear power plant safely, an educated workforce is needed. Your city should have institutions of high learning such as Community College and University in place. Otherwise you run the risks of radiation leakage and meltdown. Additionally, a nuclear power plant requires water, lots of it. A Water Pumping Station should also be in place.

  • The nuclear power plant provides relatively clean and infinite power for your entire city or region. Please note that there are radiation pollution and meltdown risks, but only when operated by uneducated sims.


Module Resource Price Output Upkeep Cost per MW Pollution Notes
Gen I Thermal Reactor Water §45,000 200 MW §1200 §6.00 Radiation
Gen II Thermal Reactor Water §75,000 400 MW §2300 §5.75 Radiation Requires Research Project: Gen II Thermal Reactor.
Fast Neutron Reactor Water §130,000 600 MW §3200 §5.33 Radiation Requires Research Project: Fast Neutron Reactor.

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Nuclear Power Plant Sign

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