Water Pumping Station

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Water Pumping Station
Water Pumping Station
cost §24,000

upkeep §400 per hour

requirement City Hall with Department of Utilities in the region
function Average water pump rate: 80 kgal per hr

module Basic Water Pump, Filtration Pump
description Thirsty? Quench it with this large, expandable water production facility. With all the extra water, you could make a bit of extra income selling water to neighboring cities.

Water pumping station is an expensive structure used to supply a large city with water. A City Hall with Department of Utilities in the region is needed to unlock this building. One Basic Water Pump module generates over 10 times more water than a water tower. Players can also build Filtration Pump modules to eliminate ground pollution from your water supply.

  • On maps with low water tables its useful to have your Water Pumping Station near your Sewage Treatment Plant, so that water pumped back into the water table will be reused and you won’t dry out the area. Be aware that if your output exceeds the Sewage Treatment Plant’s capacity, is understaffed, or underpowered it will dump the excess and contaminate your water source, and as always, keep your Water Pumping Station away from other buildings that can contaminate the water table as well.


Basic Water Pump

Main article: Basic Water Pump

Basic add-on to the Water Pumping Station.

  • Increases the station's water output by 80 kgal/hr.

Filtration Pump

Main article: Filtration Pump

The Filtration Pump is an advanced add-on to the Water Pumping Station.

  • Allows you to filter contaminated water for use by the city, however they are costly and a small amount of pollution remains in the water.
  • Increases Water output by 80 kgal per hour.
  • If you are in a situation where you're forced to use Filtration Pumps then it would probably be wise to turn off the Basic Water Pump that comes pre-attached to Water Pumping Stations.