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Meteor Strike
UFO Encouter
Big Lizard

Disasters can strike your city at any time. They cause destruction and havoc upon your buildings and residents.

There are 6 major disasters in SimCity. While they are not available initially, the disasters can be unlocked by completing secret achievements. Once unlocked, they can be manually unleashed by the player from the disasters menu.

  • In sandbox mode, disasters can be disabled.

Types of Disasters


Main article: Earthquake

Earthquake randomly destroys buildings with a large radius. It occurs more often in cities located in mountainous areas.

Earthquake is unlocked through a secret achievement:

  • Dug Too Greedily and Too Deep - Mine 100 tons of coal or raw ore in your city to gain access to the Earthquake disaster!


Main article: Tornado

Tornado randomly destroys buildings in a wandering path. It occurs more often in cities located in open plains.

Tornado is unlocked through a secret achievement:

Meteor Strike

Main article: Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike randomly destroys buildings within a large radius, sometimes creating a circle of ground pollution or radiation.

Meteor Strike is unlocked through a secret achievement:

  • What Goes Up Must Come Down - Have 200 tourists arrive on flights at the Municipal Airport in a day to gain access to the Meteor Strike disaster!

UFO Encounter

Main article: UFO Encounter

UFO encounter randomly destroys a building, abducts Sims, or steals resources from storage lots.
 A UFO visitation encourages creation of level 3 tech buildings in the industrial zone

UFO Encounter is unlocked through a secret achievement:

  • We Are Not Alone - Ship any resource to a Space Center Great Work to gain access to the UFO Encounter disaster!

Zombie Attack

Main article: Zombie Attack

Zombie attack summons zombies that roam the streets at night and feast on the brains of unsuspecting Sims.
 Police will attempt to control the infestation. When the sun rises all zombies perish.

Zombie Attack is unlocked through a secret achievement:

  • Laboratory Outbreak - Add a Diagnostic Lab to a Hospital and have 15 Sims die in a day to gain access to the Zombie Attack disaster!

Big Lizard

Main article: Big Lizard

Big Lizard destroys all buildings within a linear path.
 This creature marches towards the nearest Garbage Dump and destroys every buildings along the way. Occasionally, Big Lizard will stop and light nearby buildings on fire. Once it reaches the its destination, the reptile will consume all of the garbage and return underground.

Big Lizard is unlocked through a secret achievement:

  • What's Cookin'? - Burn 100 tons of garbage in an Incinerator at the Garbage Dump to gain access to the Big Lizard disaster!

Outworlder 6

Main article: Outworlder 6

Outworlder 6 is a giant robot that arrives to your city from a meteorite from the sky. The area, where he crush lands, is destroyed. After arriving, Outworlder 6 looks moves towards the nearest source of power. He will cause damage to your buildings and vehicles on his way. After arriving to his destination, he plugs himself into your city's power supply. He may cause blackouts and power shortages. When he fills up his internal battery, Outworlder 6 will fly back into space and the event ends.

If he is unable to find enough power, he will use his backup power supply, a nuclear reactor, to fly back into space. When this occurs, some radiation will be leaked.

Minor Disasters

Minor disasters cannot be activated manually. They occur after the player meets certain criteria.

Nuclear Meltdown

Nuclear meltdown spreads radiation over a large area. The radiated area will become unlivable until radiation dissipates, eventually. This disaster occurs when your Nuclear Power Plant is staffed by uneducated works or if a Big Lizard destroy it.


Plague occurs to cities reliant on mass transit. In these cities, sickness can spread quickly. Adequate healthcare system is needed to treat the large number of sick Sims. Untreated sick Sims will eventually die.


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