Space Center

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Space Center
Space Center
cost • §1,000,000

• 40,000 crates of Computer

• 1,400 tons of Alloy

•170,000 barrels of Fuel

upkeep §300
requirement • University with School of Engineering in the region

• Complete research project at a University in the region

function Improves education and tourism
description This sprawling compound requires high tech resources from cities in the region. With the Space Center constructed, mayors in the region will reap the benefits of a more skilled workforce, resulting in more high tech industry. Mayors can schedule rocket launches, which draw tourists to the surrounding cities.

Space Center has 2 functions. It is both a tourist attraction and a place of higher education. The structure will increase not only the number of tourists but also the tech level of industrial zones in nearby cities. Level 3 tech industrial buildings will appear in connected cities even without universities.

You can unlock Space Center by completing Space Center Great Work research project at School of Engineering of a University.

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