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High Density Residential Zone

Types of Zones

Residential Zones

Residential Zone

Residential zones are where sims build houses and move it. When you zone an area as residential, Sims move into residential zones automatically. If the sims become unhappy, they will leave and the houses will become abandoned.

  • These zones are green.

Types of buildings in residential zones are determined by their wealth and density levels. Initially, all buildings in the residential zones are small houses, as the population gets larger and the land becomes wealthier, these houses are replaced by apartment complexes and mansions.

Commercial Zones

Commercial Zone

Commercial zones are where shops and offices are built. Commercial buildings provide the Sims with jobs and happiness. Sims will spend their money in these buildings to earn happiness. They also provide a destination for industrial freight shipments. Industrial buildings with nowhere to ship their freight will become unhappy.

  • These zones are blue.
  • Commercial buildings do not bring in as much profit as industrial buildings.

Types of buildings in commercial zones are determined by their wealth and density levels.

  • If Gambling or Culture specialization re used in the city Hotels may plop determined as well by wealth and density

Industrial Zones

Industrial Zone

Industrial zones generate the most profit for the city. They provide the Sims with jobs and money. Industrial buildings need a place to ship their freight or they will become unhappy. Freight can be shipped to commercial buildings, Trade Depot, Trade Port and Municipal Airport with Cargo Terminal.

  • These zones are yellow.
  • Industrial buildings, especially the low tech ones, produce pollution.

Types of buildings in industrial zones are determined by density and tech levels. Industrial buildings of higher tech levels will produce less pollution and generate more profit. Tech levels can be increased through the construction of The Academy , Community College, University and the Vu Tower.

Zoning Maps

Building Density - shows the progress towards density upgrade for every structure in the city.

Land Value - shows the land value of residential and commercial zones.

Industrial Tech - shows the level of technology in industrial zones.

Population - shows population data.

Residential System - Shows the happiness and income statistics of residential areas.

Commercial System - Shows the activities of shoppers and tourists in commercial areas.

Industrial System - Shows the movement of industrial freight in the city.