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Garbage Dump
Recycling Center

All Sims produce waste and all buildings accumulate garbage. Uncollected garbage can not only generate ground pollution but also cause sickness, fires and injuries. To remedy the problem, a Garbage Dump should be constructed away from your residential and commercial zones. Later on, a Recycling Center should be constructed to reduce the amount of waste your city produces. Recycling also recovers valuable commodities such as metal, plastic and alloy. Educated Sims are more likely to recycle.

  • Piled up garbage will lower the happiness of your Sims and decrease the overall land value the area.
  • Recycling is not only good for the environment but also recovers resources such as metal, plastic and alloy.

Waste Disposal Structures

Garbage Dump

Main article: Garbage Dump

Garbage dump is the initial solution to your city's waste disposal problems. Garbage dump summons garbage trucks that will pick up your city's trash and consolidate it into one area. Additional Garbage Truck Garages can be constructed to speed up the trash collection process. Garbage dump generates a large amount of Ground Pollution. It should be constructed far away from your residential, commercial "clean" areas such as the Water Tower.

Recycling Center

Main article: Recycling Center

Recycling Center is an expensive structure that significantly reduces the amount of garbage your city produces. Recycling center dispatches collection trucks that collect recyclable waste produced by your Sims. The waste is processed by reclamation lines to produce plastic, alloy and metal. Delivery trucks send the recovered materials to local industries, Trade Depot and Trade Port. If the storage facilities within recycling center is full, the plant will shut down.

Ground Scrubber

Main article: Ground Scrubber

Waste Disposal Maps

Ground Pollution Map

Garbage/Recycling - shows the location and density of garbage in the city.

Ground pollution - shows the location and severity of ground pollution and the buildings producing it.

Air pollution - shows the location and severity of air pollution and the buildings producing it.

Waste Disposal
Garbage Dump Service RoadGarbage Truck GarageDump ZoneGarbage Incinerator
Recycling Center Plastic Reclamation LineAlloy Reclamation LineMetal Reclamation Line
Recycling Collection Truck GarageReclamation Delivery Truck Garage