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Ground Pollution Map
Air Pollution Map

Pollution is the nasty stuff caused by industry, the mining and drilling operations, coal and oil power plants, and Sewage Outflow Pipes. It comes in two kinds; Ground Pollution and Air Pollution... You can reduce ground pollution and radiation by planting trees.

Air Pollution

Main article: Air Pollution

Air Pollution is generated by some buildings, is effected by the wind, and can negatively impact Health when it blows across areas where your population works or lives. Over time Air pollution levels in a region can increase and produce a haze that hangs in the air.

Ground Pollution

Main article: Ground Pollution

Ground Pollution is the result of unclean industry, sewage, and garbage practices within your city. Ground pollution accumulates over time, and can cause sickness in buildings over top of it, as well as polluting your water table..

Water Pollution

Main article: Water Pollution

Water Pollution occurs when Water Tower or Water Pumping Station is constructed on top of areas affected by ground pollution. Sims using the polluted water will become sick.


Main article: Radiation

Radiation is caused by the meltdown of Nuclear Power Plant or Meteor Strike.