Solar Farm

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Solar Farm
Solar Farm
cost • §500,000

• 600 tons of Alloy

• 115,000 crates of Plastic

• 45,000 crates of Processors

upkeep §300
requirement University with School of Science in the region

• Complete research project at a University in the region

function Generates power
description Description: This dazzling solar array requires advanced resources and workers from participating cities in the region. Cities connected to the Solar Farm can purchase large amounts of power at a discounted cost.

Solar Farm generates a massive amount of clean and cheap power. All cities connected to it can purchase this power at a low price. These cities will no longer require regular power plants. Solar Farm frees the region from hazards of air pollution and nuclear meltdown associated with coal, oil and nuclear power plants. Solar Farm costs only §500,000, half of the cost of the other Great Works.

Solar Farm is one of the Great Works

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