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cost • §1,000,000

• 2,800 tons of Metal

• 1,000 tons of Alloy

• 60,000 crates of TV

upkeep §300
requirement City in region with 58,000 or more residents.
function Benefits Works, Shoppers and Students
description Building this towering pinnacle of human architecture requires skilled workers and resources. This dense ecosystem contains everything necessary to sustain a massive community. Sims live here but many of them will commute to cities in the region to work, go to school, or shop.

Arcology, the fusion of architecture and ecology, is a signature structure of the SimCity series. In the current iteration, Arcology functions as a gigantic futuristic apartment building. This structure supplies all the cities in the region with an endless supply of workers, shoppers and students. These Sims come to your city for their commercial, industrial and educational needs.

  • Arcology fills the need for residential buildings. With Arcology in place, players can create cities without residential zones.
  • Arcology is unlocked by having 58,000 or more residents in a city in your region.

Arcology is one of the Great Works.

Phases of Arcology construction

Space CenterArcologySolar FarmInternational Airport