Dirty Coal Generator

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Dirty Coal Generator
Dirty Coal Generator
cost §5,000
upkeep • §425 per hour

• 4.3 tons of Coal per day

ploppable Coal Power Plant
function Power output: 75 megawatts
limit 4
extra • High air pollution (1,169,280 PPM)

• High ground pollution (6,656 PPM)

description For when all other considerations are secondary to cost. Requires a decent amount of coal to operate and pollutes a lot.

The Dirty Coal Generator is the first of the three addon modules of the Coal Power Plant. It uses coal from the Coal Power Plant's storage facility.


  • Same amount of power for the least amount of coal intake.
  • Fairly small.
  • Cheap placement.


  • Huge amounts of air pollution.
  • Huge amounts of ground pollution.
  • Medium cost per hour.

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