Sewage Treatment Plant

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Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
cost 64,000

upkeep 400 per hour

requirement City Hall with Department of Utilities in the region.

function • Maximum sewage treatment rate: 700 kgal per hour

• Maximum sewage flow rate: 300 kgal per hour

module Sewage Treatment Tank
extra No ground pollution
description What kind of civilized city dumps their waste into a field? Clean that sewage before disposing of it with this Sewage Treatment Plant. If you don't want a sewage spill, be mindful of its capacity!

Sewage treatment plant collects and treats your city's sewage and produces no ground pollution. The plant returns treated water back to the city's water table. As long as the sewage treatment plant is functioning properly, it will not produce any ground pollution. It will generate ground pollution if its overcapacity, understaffed or under powered.

  • Be sure to bulldoze your old sewage outflow pipes once sewage treatment plant is up and running.
  • On maps with low water tables its useful to have your Water Pumping Station near your Sewage Treatment Plant, so that water pumped back into the water table will be reused and you won’t dry out the area. Be aware that if your sewage exceeds the Treatment Plants capacity, is understaffed, or underpowered it will dump the excess and contaminate your water source, and as always, keep your Water Pumping Station away from other buildings that can contaminate the water table as well.


Sewage Treatment Tank