Town Hall

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Town Hall
Town Hall
cost Free
upkeep 200 per hour

function Unlocks health, fire and police buildings
extra Upgrades to City Hall
description This allows you to do business deals, manage systems, and start negotiating with neighboring cities.

Town Hall is the basic government structure of the city. It allows the player to rename the city and change the city's tax rates. Town Hall grants the player permits for service buildings such as Clinic, Fire Station and Police Station.

  • A town needs to have water and power before Town Hall can be built.

When the population of the city reaches 5000, Town Hall can be upgraded to City Hall.

Buildings Town HallCity HallMayor's HouseMayor's Mansion
Departments Department of UtilitiesDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Education
Department of FinanceDepartment of SafetyDepartment of Tourism