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Mayor's House
Mayor's Mansion

Government buildings give the player additional controls and benefits for his or her city. Additionally they unlock new structures and increase the happiness of the city's residents.

Government Buildings

Town Hall

Main article: Town Hall

Town Hall is the basic government structure of the city. It allows the player to rename the city and change the city's tax rates. Town Hall grants the player permits for service buildings such as Clinic, Fire Station and Police Station.

  • A town needs to have water and power before Town Hall can be built

When the population of the city reaches 5000, Town Hall can be upgraded to City Hall.

City Hall

Main article: City Hall

City Hall is upgraded from Town Hall. City Hall allows the player to set taxes for residential, commercial and industrial zones. City Hall can be further upgraded by increasing the city's population. Each upgrade allows the player to construct one department module.

  • City Hall can be upgraded from Town Hall when your population reaches 5000.
  • Department modules grant access to more buildings in various services, industries and specializations.

Mayor's House

Main article: Mayor's House

Mayor's House is the player's residence. Mayor's House increases medium wealth land value of nearby area.

  • Mayor's House is unlocked by having a Town Hall and an approval rating of 70% or higher.

Mayor's Mansion

Main article: Mayor's Mansion

Mayor's Mansion is the bigger and better version of the house. Mayor's Mansion increases high wealth land value of nearby area. Additional modules can be unlocked by maintaining progressively higher approval ratings. These modules will increase the happiness of nearby area even more.

  • Mayor's Mansion is unlocked by having 40,000 or more residents and an approval rating of 75% or higher.

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