Mayor's Mansion

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Mayor's Mansion
Mayor's Mansion
cost 30,000

upkeep 100 per hour

requirement • Population of 40,000

Mayor’s House

• Mayor of the Year! mission: Approval rating of 75% or more

function • Mayor's residence

• Improves nearby land value

module Flag of the City, Mayor's BBQ Pit Patio, Circular Fountain, Mayor's Statue, Balcony, Guest House, Guard Post, Street Car Garage, Extension Wing, Limo Garage, Greenhouse, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Lookout Tower, Party Wing, Simcopter One
description Keep your Sims happy for long enough and you can move in. Sims all over the city will celebrate when you move into the city. As you run your city well, your Sims will even give you gifts to add to your Mayor’s Mansion. Raises high wealth land value.

Mayor's Mansion is the bigger and better version of the house. Mayor's Mansion increases high wealth land value of nearby area. Additional modules can be unlocked by maintaining progressively higher approval ratings. These modules will increase the happiness of nearby area even more.

  • Mayor's Mansion is unlocked by having 40,000 or more residents and an approval rating of 75% or higher.


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