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cost §4
upkeep Free
requirement Cities of Tomorrow DLC
function Connects Skybridge Stations
description Connect MegaTowers with this elevated magcar tube that allows Sims to travel between MegaTowers. Sims may never need to ravel on roads again!

Skybridges are roads that connect MegaTowers and Elite MegaTowers to each other. Players can construct Skybridges at the Skybridge Stations of MegaTowers.


Current skybridge technology, like the connection between the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, is restricted to being short, straight, and limited on what it can carry. Our Skybridges can link two separate MegaTowers with a long and curvy path that allows for the transfer of power, sewage, water, pedestrians, and even vehicles between the two buildings. Before building a Skybridge, both MegaTowers each must possess a transportation level. Transportation levels provide up to four Skybridge connections to other Transportation levels, provided that both levels are fully operational. Once the levels power up, Skybridges will allow the free flow of utilities and Sims between MegaTowers high above your city, but be careful, if even one transport level powers down, it could spell gridlock for your streets below.

Skybridges add a unique and exciting dimension to how Sims move around your city. For example, you could have a MegaTower with only commercial and office levels connected via Skybridge to a purely residential MegaTower. In a completely optimal layout, Sims living in a MegaTower would not have to even lay a foot on the street level to go to work and shop. Managing the flow of Sims between MegaTowers efficiently is integral to making sure your MegaTowers stay profitable and functioning. Just keep in mind that Transportation levels should be integrated into the structure of your tower ahead of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself bulldozing some levels to make a Skybridge connection.