Elite MegaTower

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Elite MegaTower
Elite MegaTower
cost §224,000 / §245,000 / §338,000
upkeep §2,160 / §1,475 / §1,940 per hour
requirement City Hall

Cities of Tomorrow DLC

function Support medium and high wealth Sims

Raises high wealth land value

module Medium Wealth Apartment Level, High Wealth Apartment Level, Medium Wealth Mall Level, High Wealth Mall Level, Medium Wealth Office Level, High Wealth Office Level, Fusion Reactor Level, Education Level, Waste Reduction Level, Skybridge Station, Park Level, Safety Level, Mark VI Air Scrubber Crown, Gen. V Solar Power Crown, Elite Tourism Crown, Hologram Advertising Crown, BioDome Park Crown
description Meet the needs of discerning Sims with this towering spire. Scenic views and lush vegetation give apartment, mall and office levels the lifestyle that demanding Sims expect.

Elite MegaTowers are futuristic, multi-tiered structures that have many functions. Elite MegaTowers are designed for medium and high wealth Sims. They are more expensive and generate more income than Normal MegaTowers. Each MegaTower can be constructed level by level and has a total of 8 levels.



Medium Wealth Apartment Level

High Wealth Apartment Level


Medium Wealth Mall Level

High Wealth Mall Level


Medium Wealth Office Level

High Wealth Office Level


Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor Level


Education Level

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Level

Skybridge Station

Skybridge Station


Park Level


Safety Level


Mark VI Air Scrubber

Mark VI Air Scrubber Crown

Gen. V Solar Power

Gen. V Solar Power Crown

Elite Tourism

Elite Tourism Crown

Hologram Advertising

Hologram Advertising Crown

BioDome Park Crown

BioDome Park Crown