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cost §120,000 / §126,000 / §180,000
upkeep §800 / §730 / §950 per hour
requirement City Hall

Cities of Tomorrow DLC

function Supports low and medium wealth Sims

Raises medium wealth land value

module Low Wealth Apartment Level, Medium Wealth Apartment Level, Low Wealth Mall Level, Medium Wealth Mall Level, Low Wealth Office Level, Medium Wealth Office Level, Nuclear Reactor Level, Education Level, Waste Reduction Level, Skybridge Station, Park Level, Safety Level, Gen. I Solar Power Crown, Mark II Air Scrubber Crown, Basic Tourism Crown, Billboard Advertising Crown, Tiered Park Crown
description Pack a mammoth tower full of Sims. Stack levels of apartments, malls and offices to provide everything residents need to survive. Support basic levels with service levels to create a self-contained community.

Normal MegaTowers are futuristic, multi-tiered structures that have many functions. Normal MegaTowers are designed for low and medium wealth Sims. They are cheaper and generate less income than Elite MegaTowers. Each MegaTower can be constructed level by level and has a total of 10 levels.



Low Wealth Apartment Level

Medium Wealth Apartment Level


Low Wealth Mall Level

Medium Wealth Mall Level


Low Wealth Office Level

Medium Wealth Office Level


Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor Level


Education Level

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Level

Skybridge Station

Skybridge Station


Park Level


Safety Level


Gen. I Solar Power

Gen. I Solar Power Crown

Mark II Air Scrubber

Mark II Air Scrubber Crown

Basic Tourism

Basic Tourism Crown

Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Crown

Tiered Park

Tiered Park Crown


MegaTowers are giant structures where the Sims of the future live, work, and play. MegaTowers are a great addition to any city, or you can build a city based around them.

Because MegaTowers build up, not out, they can act as a self-contained ecosystem. The residential levels on MegaTowers can also house more Sims then the high-density buildings of the same wealth levels, so you can have more Sims in your city than ever before. This is especially important for attracting Sims to work in the Academy, which we’ll talk more about next week.

There are two types of MegaTowers: normal and elite. Normal MegaTowers are designed for low and medium wealth Sims. Elite MegaTowers are designed for medium and high wealth Sims. Normal MegaTowers are less expensive and earn less money, and some of the levels don’t have as much functionality as their elite equivalents. Elite MegaTowers are expensive to build and earn more money than normal MegaTowers. Most of the levels of the elite MegaTowers provide better coverage than the normal version.

Once you have picked what kind of MegaTower you want to build, there are a few things to consider when placing it. MegaTowers have multiple entrances; once you plop the base, you can attach roads to the road stubs on the sides. These “side entrances” can allow you to route traffic to and from the MegaTower in new and interesting ways. Also, MegaTowers can provide many of the essential services to themselves and the area around them by building specialized levels, so you will want to consider that when placing your MegaTower and connecting it to roads.

There are three basic types of levels that you can build on a MegaTower: Apartment, Mall, and Office. Apartment levels are where Sims live, Mall levels are where they shop, and they work in Office levels.

Basic Levels:

Beyond Apartment, Mall, and Office levels, there are also service levels you can build on a MegaTower. These levels provide services right inside the tower. Normal MegaTowers have Nuclear Reactor Levels which work like Nuclear Power Plants. They require education from a college or university and will start leaking radiation if they don’t get it. On Elite MegaTowers, you can build Fusion Power levels. Fusion Power levels require ControlNet, but will never leak radiation.


You can build Education levels on both normal and Elite Megatowers. Education levels on normal MegaTowers work just like a high school, though they hold more students and have a better price-per-desk. The Elite Education levels work like a community college, but again, the Elite Education level holds more students at a better price-per-desk than regular community college.

Waste Reduction:

Both normal and Elite MegaTowers can build waste reduction levels. Waste reduction levels greatly reduce the amount of garbage and sewage that the MegaTower makes, while also reducing the water consumed. They also increase the amount of garbage that is converted into recycling.


Another level that you can build on both Elite and Normal MegaTowers are Skybridge levels. You can use Skybridge levels to connect different MegaTowers together. We’ll be talking more about Skybridges in a later blog, so stay tuned for that.


Park levels on normal and Elite MegaTowers work just like regular parks. The park levels on Elite MegaTowers even add land value around the MegaTower where they are built.


Safety levels hold OmegaCo safety drones. When there is an emergency, the drones will be deployed to solve the problem. Normal safety drones will put out fires and rehabilitate criminals, whereas Elite safety drones will put out fires, rehabilitate criminals, and cure sickness and injury. Of course, you’ll need OmegaCo in your city to produce drones. We’ll talk more about that in a couple of weeks.


The last thing you will build on your MegaTower is a crown. Crowns are special levels that can only be built on the top of a MegaTower. Crowns provide special bonuses that stack with the other Crowns in your region.

The Air pollution scrubber crown will clean up air pollution around your MegaTower and convert it into ground water. Building multiple Air Scrubber crowns will increase the amount of pollution cleaned. This is perfect if you want to build an industrial-heavy city, as the MegaTower will not only be able to house your low wealth Sims, but the Air Scrubber will also eliminate all that nasty air pollution from your factories.

Each tower can build a power crown which will boost the output of other power crowns. Normal MegaTowers build Wind Power Crowns. Elite MegaTowers can build Solar Power Crowns. Building multiple Power Crowns boosts power production from all power crowns, which will allow you to supply power to other neighboring cities in your regionYou can also build a tourism crown, which attracts tourists and earns profits based on tourist attendance. Normal Tower Tourism crowns take low and medium wealth tourists. Elite Tower Tourism crowns take medium and high wealth tourists. Each tourism crown built increases the money you earn for each tourist that goes to a tourism crown. So if you like to build tourist cities, this crown is essential to really maximizing your profits.

Building an Advertising Crown on a normal or Elite MegaTower will boost profits from Mall and Office levels in your towers. Building additional Advertising Crowns increases profit from Mall and Office Levels.

Normal and Elite MegaTowers park crowns, work just like parks. Building additional park crowns boosts residential happiness.