Police Precinct

Police Precinct
Police Precinct
cost §95,000

upkeep §1,700 per hour

requirement City Hall

Department of Safety in the region

function • Reduces crime by capturing criminals

• Jail Cells: 50

• Patrol Cars: 4

• Patrol Rate: once every 30 minutes

module Police Precinct Sign, Patrol Car Lot , Jail Cells (Top Floor), Jail Cells (Ground Floor), Police Dispatch Tower, Detective Wing, Crime Prevention Center, Police Helipad
description If “Police State” were an amusement park, the Police Precinct would be the fun house. More than just a big police station, the precinct has more jail cells and more patrol cars, and can be outfitted with advanced crime-fighting modules.

Police Precinct can not only suppress crime and incarcerate criminals but also prevent crimes from occurring. Crime Prevention Center can be added to prevent your residents from becoming criminals. Detective Wing can be added to arrest criminals who have eluded capture.