Maxis Manor

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Maxis Manor
Maxis Manor
cost §40,000

upkeep §900 per hour

requirement • Have 2,500 residents

Heroes and Villians Set DLC

function • Allows the player to summon MaxisMan and capture Dr.Vu

• MaxisMan can respond to fire, crime and injury

module Reticulator Landing Pad, Turbo Machine Garage
description MaxisMan trains his body and mind to defeat Dr. Vu here and when he's not responding to crime, fire or injury emergencies. If MaxisMan captures Dr. Vu, he holds him captive here.


Reticulator Landing Pad

Reticulator Landing Pad

Turbo Machine Garage

Turbo Machine Garage

Police Station Patrol Car LotJail Cells (Ground Floor)Jail Cells (Top Floor)
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Maxis Manor Reticulator Landing PadTurbo Machine Garage
Vu Tower Vu LaboratoryVuMobile Garage
French Police Station French Patrol Car LotJail Cells (Ground Floor)Jail Cells (Top Floor)