Vu Tower

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Vu Tower
Vu Tower
cost §120,000

upkeep §400 per hour

requirement • Have 5 industrial buildings

• Have 5 criminals at large

Heroes and Villians Set DLC

function •Increases tech level of nearby industrial buildings

• Accepts freight shipments from local industries

• New Low Wealth tourist per day : 84

• New Medium Wealth tourist per day : 120

• New High Wealth tourist per day : 120

module VuMobile Garage, Vu Laboratory
description Consumers shop at Vu Tower for ubiquitous vuTek gadgets while Dr.Vu does business with local high tech companies. A constant stream of ordinary residents are converted into criminals to serve the villainous will of Dr. Vu.

Vu Tower increases the tech levels of nearby industrial buildings, accepts freight from industrial buildings and serves as a tourist attraction. It also increases the crime levels of the city.


VuMobile Garage

VuMobile Garage

Vu Laboratory

Vu Laboratory

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