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City Hall
City Hall
cost Free
upkeep 200
requirement Upgrades from Town Hall
function Allows the construction of one Department per upgrade
module City Hall Sign, SimCopter One, Department of Education, Department of Finance, Department of Transportation, Department of Safety, Department of Tourism, Department of Utilities
description This allows you to do business deals, manage systems, and start negotiating with neighboring cities.

City Hall is the main government building of the city. It is upgraded from Town Hall. It allows the player to set taxes for residential, commercial and industrial zones. City Hall can be upgraded by increasing your city's population. Each upgrade enables the player to construct one additional department module.

  • City Hall has 6 departments as well as 6 upgrades. Each upgrade requires an increasing amount of city population:

City Hall departments grant access to more buildings in various services, industries and specializations.


Department of Utilities

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Department of Transportation

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Department of Education

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Department of Finance

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Department of Safety

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Department of Tourism

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Other Modules

City Hall Sign

City Hall Sign

SimCopter One

SimCopter One

City Hall Upgrades

Level Population
1 15,000
2 30,000
3 70,000
4 120,000
5 350,000
6 600,000

Buildings Town HallCity HallMayor's HouseMayor's Mansion
Departments Department of UtilitiesDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Education
Department of FinanceDepartment of SafetyDepartment of Tourism