Freight Rail Terminal

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Freight Rail Terminal
Freight Rail Terminal
cost §70,000

upkeep §400 per hour
ploppable Trade Port
requirement Railway connection
function • Enables the import and export of resources by freight train

Global Market delivery: once every 360 minutes

limit 1
description Allows import and export of resources via freight train. Each storage lot at the Trade Port adds another freight car to the freight train. Trains arrive every few hours. 

Trains carry goods to and from your city. The types of goods carried by the freight trains are decided by their freight cars.
The freight cars are in turn decided by the types of cargo lots you have placed near the Trade Port.

Trains carry 2 shipments of cargo (20 ton metal, 20,000 barrels of oil) in each of their freight cars, with up to 6 freight cars per train. Allowing you to import/export at a maximum of 12 shipments per train.

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