Cargo Ship Dock

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Cargo Ship Dock
Cargo Ship Dock
cost §100,000
upkeep §400 per hour

ploppable Trade Port
requirement Shoreline
function • Enables the import and export of resources by cargo ship

Global Market delivery: once every 180 minutes

limit 1
description Allows import and export of resources via high-capacity cargo ships. Cargo ships only carry one resource at a time, but in massive amounts. Cargo ships arrive several times a day. 

The cargo ship dock allows for cargo ships to import and export goods into your city. Although it is stated in the SimCity description that it will arrive once every 180 minutes, it mostly arrives just once a day.

The cargo ship has a capacity of 20 shipments, ie. 200 tons of metal or 200,000 barrels of oil. Because the cargo ship can only import and export 1 type of commodity at a time, it is advisable to build dedicated Trade Ports for each resource.

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