Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park

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Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park
Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park
cost §85,000
upkeep §125 per hour
requirement City Hall with Department of Tourism in region

Amusement Park DLC

function • Medium tourist attraction

• Ride capacity: 130

Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park is part of the Amusement Park Set DLC.

Players can only construct one amusement park per city. For each amusement park players can construct 5 main attractions, large rides that generate a lot of revenue but has long queue times, 12 secondary attractions, smaller rides with shorter queue times, 20 concession stands, food stands, snack carts and benches that recharge Sims and allow them to remain in the park.

  • Amusement park generates simoleons through ticket sales to rides and concession sales.
  • The amusement parks are found in the Culture specialization, under the "Attractions" tab.



Wheels of Wonder Sign

Main Attractions

Ferris Wheel

Bigfoot Roller Coaster

Go-Kart Speedway

Secondary Attractions


Swings Ride

Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride

Dizzy Drop Tower

Bluebeard's Pirate Ship

Mini-Train Station

Concession Stands

Concession Stand

Popcorn Stand

Toy Stand

Snack Cart

Balloon Cart

Double Bench

Four-Way Bench



Funshine Amusement Park Gate

Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park Gate

Thrilland Adventure Park Gate

Other Modules

Amusement Park Walkway

Mini-Train Track

Types of Parks Funshine Amusement Park
Wheels of Wonder Amusement ParkThrilland Adventure Park
Main Attractions Ferris WheelBigfoot Roller CoasterGo-Kart Speedway
Secondary Attractions CarouselSwings RideAstro-Twirl Rocket Ride
Dizzy Drop TowerBluebeard's Pirate ShipMini-Train Station
Concession Stands Concession StandPopcorn StandToy StandSnack Cart
Balloon CartDouble BenchFour-Way BenchFountain