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All Sims produce wastewater called sewage. If sewage is not properly disposed of, it turns into ground pollution and cause your Sims to become sick. Build a Sewage output pipe to transport sewage to a remote part of the city, away from your residential and commercial zones. Later on, a Sewage Treatment Plant should be constructed to eliminate sewage without producing ground pollution.

  • Roads carry sewage from your residential and commercial zones to sewage outflow pipe or treatment plant.
  • Untreated sewage will turn into ground pollution. Ground pollution can lower the health and land value of your city

Sewage Disposal Structures

Sewage Outflow Pipe

Main article: Sewage Outflow Pipe

Sewage outflow pipe consolidates your city's sewage and converts it into ground pollution. Roads carry sewage from your zones to your sewage outflow pipe. Sewage outflow pipes should be constructed at the edge of your city, away from residential and commercial zones and your water towers.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Main article: Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plant collects and treats your city's sewage and produces no ground pollution. The plant returns treated water back to the city's water table. As long as the sewage treatment plant is functioning properly, it will not produce any ground pollution. It will generate ground pollution if its overcapacity, understaffed or under powered.

  • Be sure to bulldoze your old sewage outflow pipes once sewage treatment plant is up and running.

Sewage Sanitizer

Main article: Sewage Sanitizer

Advanced filtration technology allows the direct conversion of waste water into portable water. Grab a glass and don't worry about ground pollution again!

Sewage Maps

Ground Pollution Map

Sewage - shows sewage levels and where sewage is flowing to.

Ground pollution - shows the location and severity of ground pollution and the building producing it.