Pro Stadium

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Pro Stadium
Pro Stadium
cost 225,000

upkeep 600 per hour
requirement City Hall in region

Department of Tourism in region

function • Attracts and generates revenue from tourists

• Maximum event payout: 600,000

• Capacity: 15,000 Sims

module Pro Stadium Sign
description The Pro Stadium’s generous size means even more tourists and huge profits around each event. Prepare your city’s mass transit system for an onslaught of screaming fans! Unfortunately, their tickets are all fully refundable, so if they can’t make it to the event in time, you’ll miss out on the Simoleons.


Pro Stadium Sign


Event Name Cost Maximum Profit Attracts Description
Monster Truck Rally §150,000 §300,000 Low wealth residents and tourists Low wealth Sims will love to watch Truckinator devour lesser vehicles!
World Championship §225,000 §450,000 Medium and high wealth residents and tourists Um, it’s pronounced “foot-bawl”. Please.
Legends of Rock §300,000 §600,000 Medium and high wealth residents and tourists What’s that? I can’t hear you! Yeah, I got this T-shirt at the Legends of Rock show!