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Parks come in a variety of types and sizes. Parks increase the happiness of the nearby residents and attract wealthy Sims to the area. They increase the nearby land values and encourage the construction of higher wealth commercial and residential buildings. Parks reduce crime by providing zones of rest and relaxation. Some parks even act as tourist attractions.

  • They are ideal places for your Sims to rest and relax.

Types of Parks

Low wealth

Basic Parks

Main article: Basic Parks

Blacktop Park

Swings Playground

Rides Playground


BBQ Pavilion

Water Park Playground

Small Field

Small Field With Parking

Medium Field With Parking

Large Field With Parking

Medium Wealth

Sports Parks

Main article: Sports Parks

AR Athletics Center

Public Tennis Court

Basketball Court

Volleyball Court

Medium Skate Park

Large Skate Park

Soccer Field

Baseball Field

Hot Air Balloon Park

Nature Parks

Main article: Nature Parks


Wavy Path Park

Straight Path Park

Colorful Path Park

Tall Tree Row

Short Tree Row

Medium Path Park

Tree-Lined Walkway

Wavy Tree-Lined Walkway

Large Path Park

City Park

Community Park

Plant Forest

Clear Forest

High Wealth


Main article: Plaza Parks

Millennium Plaza

Flower Plaza

Double Walkway

Small Sculpture Garden

Simple Walkway

Medium Sculpture Garden

Large Sculpture Garden

Large Urban Sculpture Garden

Urban Greenspace

Tiered Urban Greenspace

Plumbob Park

Formal Parks

Main article: Formal Parks

Fountain Plaza

Fenced Fountain Plaza

Small Fountain Park

Reflecting Pool Park

Large Fountain Park


Urban Hot Air Balloon Park

SimCity Launch Park