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Maglev Structures

Maglev Station

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Maglev Tracks

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Maglev trains run on elevated tracks above your city’s road network and shorter buildings, and are heavily influenced by both reality (actively operating magnetic levitation trains in China and Japan) and the theoretical (Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept for mass transit). Gameplay wise, the maglev behaves like a light rail network with several key differences. The first is that the maglev track is raised above the ground, allowing it to travel above roads without having to stop for car or drone traffic. The track can be drawn off-road as well giving your city shortcuts between separate districts in your city. The RCI zoning system has also been updated to allow some lower density buildings to actually be constructed underneath the tracks, so you don’t have to sacrifice precious RCI space to make way for that maglev line extension.

There is no central depot that maglev trains have to return to. Maglev stations snap along both narrow and wide roads and include their own garage for a maglev train. Because each station includes its own garage, you can create a decentralized transportation network that moves Sims of all wealth types quickly around your city. The only caveat is that each station requires ControlNet to operate, so you will need to make sure your Academy buildings are fully staffed or that you are able to import enough ControlNet from your neighbors, to keep your Maglev Trains running.

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