Expo Center

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Expo Center
Expo Center
cost 150,000

upkeep 300 per hour

requirement Town Hall
function • Attracts and generates revenue from tourists

• Maximum event payout: 156,000

• Capacity: 3,000 Sims

module Expo Center Sign
description Invest in an Expo Center to turn your small town into a tourist destination! Schedule exciting events like football games and rock concerts, then prepare your city for tons of screaming fans!


Expo Center Sign


Event Name Cost Maximum Profit Attracts Description
Motocross §15,000 §66,000 Low wealth residents and tourists Ooh! Make that jump! I loves me some mud!
Sports Event §30,000 §111,000 Low and medium wealth residents and tourists Yeah, go local sports team! Woo!
Rock Concert §45,000 §156,000 Low and medium wealth residents and tourists Needs more pyrotechnics…and cowbell. Definitely more cowbell.